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Finotax is a website for Tax, finance and other tools, utilities and information. This site is popular mainly for its easy to use online tax and other utility calculators and forms compiled in Excel and PDF (Fillable like Excel) formats with auto-calculation formulas.

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PWA website benefits / features :

  1. When you log on to a PWA (Progressive Web Application) website on Google Chrome browser, you get a prompt to install the site on your device (PC / Laptop / Tablet / Mobile). In case of desktop and laptop the prompt can be seen by clicking on three dots on right-top corner of the browser screen and on any Android mobile phone the prompt is displayed at the bottom of the screen. On accepting the prompt, the site icon will get automatically installed on your Home screen. You will now be able to visit the PWA website in no browser mode by just a click on the icon like you are able launch your apps from your mobile Home screen.
  2. You can view and use all those pages of a PWA website in any modern browser, in Offline Session (without internet connection) on any device (PC / Laptop / Tablet / Mobile), which you visited in your previous Online Session (with internet connection) on that device.
  3. Finotax is a PWA website and has been optimized for loading fast on all devices (PC / Laptop / Tablet / Mobile).

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