Modified on : 15 Dec 2018

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Utility Forms in PDF (Fillable like Excel) / Excel

Finotax has been compiling various tax, finance and other commonly used forms in user friendly Microsoft Excel / Word / PDF (Fillable like Excel) formats which you can Fill before Print on your PC. All forms compiled in MS Word in past have been converted to PDF (Fillable like Excel) format, as this format is easier to fill. The forms compiled in Excel and PDF (Fillable like Excel) format may have inbuilt formulas for auto calculation. These user-friendly forms save time and energy required in filling the forms and you are able to submit neatly filled forms free from cuttings / overwriting.

We have started compiling forms only in PDF (Fillable like Excel) format in view of following advantages over forms compiled in other fillable formats :

  1. The forms compiled in MS Word and MS Excel do not match the original format ( layout, font, logo etc. ) exactly. The forms compiled in PDF (Fillable like Excel) format are exact copy of the original form.
  2. Combed input fields ( where only one letter / digit is required to be entered in one box ) are not easy to fill on MS Excel and MS Word as the cursor is required to be moved manually from one box to another while filling the form. In case of PDF (Fillable like Excel) forms the cursor moves automatically from one box to another, making the format easier to fill.
  3. While forms compiled in MS Word cannot have auto calculation formulas, the forms compiled in PDF (Fillable like Excel) format can have auto calculation formulas like forms compiled in MS Excel.
  4. The forms compiled in MS Word are not easier to fill as the formatting of the form gets disturbed when you start filling the form.

We shall continue to add more forms. Therefore, keep visiting the site for new additions. The users are requested to inform us about any error / omission / revision in the forms and send us suggestions / feedback to enable us to improve and make these forms more useful. The users may also send commonly used form(s) in PDF format to be compiled in fillable format.

A. Tax forms ( forms related to various taxes )

GST RFD 01 A : Refund Application ( Manual ) with auto calculation formulas in PDF (Fillable like Excel) NEW
Income Tax Challan and other commonly used formsITR forms for AY 2018-19 / 2017-18.
TDS formsPAN & TAN forms
Profession Tax forms various StatesProfessional Tax Calculator and Rates
VAT forms for various StatesCustom forms
CST forms - various StatesCentral Excise forms
Wealth Tax formsService Tax forms

Bank Forms

SBI FormsICICI Bank forms
HDFC Bank formsAxis Bank forms
PMJDY (Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana) Account Opening Form

Other Commonly Used forms

RTO formsPost Office forms
PPF formsNPS (National Pension Scheme) forms
LIC formsCGAS (Capital Gains Account Scheme) 1988 froms
Aadhaar Enrollment formPassport forms and Annexures
KYC & CKYC formsFATCA / CRS Declaration Form
EPFO formsESIC forms
Election Commission formsTrade mark forms
Delhi State Misc. formsHaryana State Misc. forms
Police Verification formsDelhi High Court forms
Maharashta State Change Name formGoverment Pension Forms

Disclaimer :

Due diligence is exercised in compiling forms. However, inadvertent errors / omissions are not ruled out. This site makes no claim that the forms made available for free download are correct and / or up-to-date. Please download and use the forms at your own risk and responsibility. This site will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused / arising to any person or persons or any body whosoever by using the forms downloaded from this site.

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