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Passport Application forms and Annexures - Excel / in Fillable PDF

The forms compiled by Finotax in PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word) and Excel formats can be filled on computer before print. These forms save time and energy required in filling the form and enable you to submit nicely filled form free from cuttings / overwritings. The forms are available for free download for personal use only.

Form No. / LinkDescription
InstructionsInstructions for filling of passport application form and supplementary form
Passport ApplicationPassport application form PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
PCC ApplicationPCC application form PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
LoC PermitLoC Permit Application form PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
Supplementary formSupplementary form PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
Surrender CertificatePassport Surrender Certificate application form PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
NOC ApplicationApplication for issue of NOC for issue of Passport for Government Employees PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
Annexure AIdentity Certificate to be produced by all Central Government employees, State Government employees, employees of statutory bodies and public sector undertakings, their spouse and children upto the age of 18 years PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
Annexure BSpecimen verification certificate (for passport under Tatkaal only)
Annexure CSpecimen declaration by applicant's parent or guardian for issue of passport to minor when one parent has not given consent PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
Annexure DSpecimen declaration by applicant's parent(s) or guardian for issue of passport to minor PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
Annexure ESpecimen declaration of the applicant PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
Annexure FSpecimen declaration of applicant for obtaing a passport in lieu of lost/ damaged passport
Annexure GNo-Objection Certificate from empoyer Ministry/Department/Office PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
Annexure HPrior intimation (pi) letter from the government/psu/statutory body employee to his/her administrative office for submission of passport application for himself/herself PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
Annexure IDeclaration by applicant genetic parent(s) for issue of passport to the child born through surrogacy PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)
Authority LetterPassport Authority Letter to submit application and to collect old passport and other original documents on behalf of the applicant PDF (Fillable like Excel|Word)

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Modified : Jan 24, 2019