Modified on : 15 Dec 2018

Service Tax forms VCES-1, VCES-2 & VCES-3 in Excel

Forms under Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Rules, 2013
VCES-1 (Declaration), VCES-2 (Acknowledgement) and VCES-3 (Discharge)

The forms compiled by, which you can fill on your PC before Print, are available for free download on following terms and conditions:

Disclaimer :

Due diligence is exercised in compiling forms. However, inadvertent errors / omissions are not ruled out. This site makes no claim that the forms made available for free download are correct and / or up-to-date. Please download and use the forms at your own risk and responsibility. This site will not be responsible for any loss or damage caused / arising to any person or persons or any body whosoever by using the forms downloaded from this site.

Download VCES-1, VCES-2 and VCES-3

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