Updated on : 6 May, 2018

VAT Forms for Bihar in Excel / Word

The forms compiled by Finotax in Excel / Word / fillable PDF format enable you to fill the form on your Laptop / PC before printing of the form. The user-friendly forms save time and energy required in filling the form and enable you to submit nicely filled form free from cuttings / overwritings. The forms are available for download free of cost.

Form No. / LinkDescription
Forms in Excel format
CH-1VAT Challan form
D-IIIForm of declaration under section 13
D-IVForm of declaration to be issued by Transferor
D-VForm of declaration to be issued by Transferee
D-VIForm of Challan (to be used in the case of intra-state stock transfers)
RT IIIAnnual Return under Section 24
RT IVQuarterly Return
TAR-IForm of Tax Audit Report under section 54
TAR-IIForm of Audited Income Statement under section 52 for dealers who are Manufacturers
TAR-IIForm of Audited Income Statement under section 52 for dealers who are not Manufacturers
TAR-IIIForm of Audited Balance Sheet under section 52 for dealers who are companies ..
TAR-IIIForm of Audited Balance Sheet under section 52 for dealers who are not companies ..
TAR-IVForm of Detailed Flow of Goods under section 52
TAR-VForm of Trading and Profit & Loss Account under Section 52 for dealers paying tax under Section 15
Forms in in Word
A-IApplication for Registration under section 19(3)
A-IIApplication for Cancellation of Certificate of Registration under section 20
A-IIIApplication for grant of certificate for non-deduction of tax form bills of a supplier
A-IVApplication for grant of Tax Clearance Certificate under section 42
A-VApplication for Refund of Amount Forfeited under section 44
A-VIMemorandum of Appeal under section 72
A-VIIApplication for Revision under section 73
A-VIIIApplication for Refund under section 68
A-IXApplication for Provisional Refund under section 69
A-XApplication for Enrolment as Sales Tax Practitioner
A-XIIntimation under section 15
A-XIIApplication for Deferment under section 96
A-XIIIApplication for Refund of Advance Deduction of Tax
B-IIndemnity Bond [See rule 4]
B-IIIndemnity Bond [See rule 41(9) and 51]
C-ICertificate of Registration under section 19
C-IICertificate of Tax Deducted at Source under Section 41
C-IIICertificate for non-deduction of tax under section 40
C-IVTax Clearance Certificate under section 42
C-VOrder of Refund of Tax by adjustment
C-VIRefund Payment Order
C-VIIAuthorisation for Appearance before Taxing Authority
C-VIIICertificate of Deferment of Tax
D-IDeclaration stating name of the manager of business under section 22
D-IIForm for Declaration of Opening Stock under section 95
D-VIIForm of Declaration under section 62
D-VIIIForm of Declaration [See rule 45(1)(a)]
D-IXForm of Declaration for intra-state movement of goods
D-XForm of Declaration for transporting goods from within the State to outside State
D-XIForm of Declaration under section 15(5)
O-IRefund Order [See rule 17]

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