Modified : 15 Dec 2018

E-filing Registration - Step by Step Guide

Completion of the registration process is essential requirement to access the e-Filing website.

Step by Step Guide to E-filing Registration
Step 1Go to the e-Filing website of the Income Tax Department.
Step 2Click on the " Register yourself " Button available on the home page. The registration page will open.
Step 3Select the User Type (such as Individual, Firm etc) and Click on " Continue " button.
Step 4Enter Basic Details and click on " Continue " button.

Basic details to be entered :

  • PAN (this is your User ID for e-Filing website)
  • Name (Surname, Middle name and First name or Organization Name in case of Non-Individuals)
  • Date of Birth /Date of Incorporation
  • Email
  • Mobile Phone (not required for Non-Residents)
Step 5After verification, the Registration Form will open. Enter the details in the form.

Mandatory Details to be entered :

  • Password (This is the password that you will use to access the website- see strong password policy)
  • Personal Details/ Principal Contact Details
  • Contact Details
  • Current Address
  • Subscribe to Mailing List
  • Enable Alerts, reminder and notifications
  • Capcha
Step 6Click on " Submit " button.

On successful validation, Taxpayer will get the message " Registration successful ".

Step 7A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the Email provided with an Activation link. An SMS along with OTP (One time Password) will also be sent to the Mobile number provided.
Step 8In order to activate the account, please click on the Activation link and enter the OTP received by SMS on Mobile. On success, the account is activated.
You are now ready to access the e-Filing website.

The above content has been taken from the official website of Income Tax Department. In case of any doubt / clarification please visit the website of Income Tax Department.

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In case of any doubt / clarification, please visit the official website of Income Tax Department.

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