Modified : 15 Dec 2018

Submit Request for Re-issue of Refund

To submit request for Re-issue of Refund, please follow the below steps:
Step 1Login to e-Filing website with User ID, Password, Date of Birth / Date of Incorporation and Captcha.
Step 2Go to My Account and click on "Refund Re-issue Request".
Step 3Enter PAN, Assessment Year, CPC Communication Reference Number, Refund Sequence Number (available on the 143(1) Intimation order and Click on 'Validate' button.
Step 4After validation, you can select the mode of Refund Reissue from the options.
The two modes of Refund Reissue are:
  • ECS
  • By Paper (Cheque)
Step 5You can select to update the Bank Account Details from the option under the field 'Do you want to update Bank Account details?'
'If you select 'Yes', you have to enter details in the additional fields i.e. Bank Account number, Type of Account and IFSC code/ MICR code.
Step 6You can select the address to which the cheque has to be sent under the dropdown 'Category'.
If you select 'ITR Address', address provided in the ITR uploaded is used.
If you select 'PAN Address', address provided in the PAN is used.
If you select 'New Address', you have to enter details in the additional fields displayed.
Step 7Clicks on "Submit" to validate the details.
This ends the process of submitting request for re-issue of refund.

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