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PAN & TAN Forms in PDF (Fillable like Excel)

The forms compiled by Finotax in PDF (Fillable like Excel) and Excel formats can be filled on computer before print. These forms save time and energy required in filling the form and enable you to submit nicely filled form free from cuttings / overwritings. The forms are available for free download for personal use only.

Form No. / LinkDescription
Form 49APAN Application form (With Trangender & Single mother Clauses) with instructions
For Indian Citizens/Indian Companies / Entities incorporated india
Form 49AAPAN Application form (With Trangender & Single mother Clauses) with instructions
For Individuals not being a Citizen of India / Entities incorporated outside India
PAN-CRRequest For New PAN Card or / and Changes or Correction in PAN Data (Revised with Trangender Clause) with instructions
Form 49BApplication for Allotment of TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number) (Revised)
TAN-CRForm for Changes / Correction in TAN data (Revised)
Verification CertificateCertificate under rule 114(4) of Income Tax Rules, 1962
Annexure ACertificate to be used by a Member of Parliament/Member of Legislative Assembly / Municipal Councillor or Gazetted Officer
Annexure BCertificate to be used by the Employer on the letter head of the organisation/institution
Annexure CCertificate of identification by Bank on the letter head of the bank
Annexure 1Certification in case of individuals not being a Citizen of India & entities incorporated outside India filling form 49AA

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