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Utility Tools and Utilities

This section provides utility tools and utilities viz Post office Small Scheme Calculators, Deposit Calculators, Loan Calculators, Stock Calculator, tax calculators, other general utility calculators, State-wise Bank Holidays-2017, Excel Keyboard Shortcuts, Ramayana Prashnavali, Choghadiyas, useful scripts etc.

Utility Calculators

Post Office (Small Savings) Calculators
  • NSC accrued Interest Calculator
  • PO Monthly Income Deposit Scheme Calculator
  • PO Time Deposit Scheme Calculator
  • Senior Citizen Saving Scheme Calculator
  • PO Recurring Deposit Scheme Calculator
  • KVP (Kisan Vikas Patra) Calculator
Mutual Fund Calculators
  • Calculate Actual Yield, Absoute Return, Annualised Return and Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of your investment in Mutual Funds.
  • Calculate Expected amount, Expected Return Rate and Return on Investment (ROI) of your investment in mutual Funds by SIP (Systmatic Investment Plan) with and without adjustment for inflation.
Property Tax Delhi Calculator
  • Calculate Property tax (Annual Value) of your property in Delhi for the year 2018-19 in just few clicks based on its location, year of construction, structure type, use type, occupancy type and its build up area
Deposit Calculators
  • RD / SIP Calculator with ROI and Year-wise Details
  • FD Calculator with ROI and Year-wise Details
  • Annuity Deposit Calculator
  • Real Rate of Return Calculator
Loan Calculators
  • EMI Calculator with Year-wise Repayment details
  • Mortgage Loan with Year-wise Repayment details
  • Affordable Loan amount Calculator
  • Loan Repayment Time Calculator
  • Compare Two Loans
  • Credit Card Repayment Calculator
Stocks Calculators
  • Stocks Calculator - Calculates Net return and %ge return of investment in stocks
  • Bonds Issue Price Calculator
  • Yield to Maturity (YTM) Calculator
EPF CalculatorEPF calculator estimates the EPF amount available to employees at the time of their retirement and shows year-wise details of EPF and EPS accounts.
NPS CalculatorNPS calculator estimates the lump sum amount and pension available to employees at the time of their retirement and shows year-wise details of NPS account.
Unit ConverterConvert units of Length, Speed, Area, Weight, Volume, and Temperature
Service Tax CalculatorCalculate Service Tax
VAT (Value Added Tax) CalculatorCalculate Value Added Tax (VAT)

Other Utilities

Ramayana PrashnavaliGet prediction for endeavors based on Ram Charit Manas by Saint Tulsi Das.
State-wise Bank Holidays 2019State-wise List and Progressive Calendar of Bank Holidays for 2019 for States / Union territories of India.
AMP Show Hide Switch CodeCode for 'AMP Menu Toggle Switch' to Show / Hide Menu and 'AMP Button Switch' to Show / Hide page content.
Javascript to Convert Number to Rupees and Paise in WordsGet Javascript to convert any number with decimal points below 100 cores correctly into Indian Rupees and Paise in Words.
Excel Keyboard ShortcutsKeyboard shortcuts to improve productivity of working in Excel.
Income Tax Calendar 2019Due dates for depositing advance tax instalments and submitting various returns / statements / reports / information / data during calendar year 2019.
ChoghadiyasGet Chaghadiya timings for any past or future date.
World Clocks & ISD CodesGet time and ISD cade of all major countries of the world.
Your Sun SignKnow your Sun Sign and traits.
Check Your FitnessCalculate your Ideal Body Weight, Body Mass Index and Fat %ge
SudokuPlay Sudoku Game

Forex Basics

Forex TradingDifferent types of trading viz. trading in Spot market trading, Forwards market and Futures market.
Forex QuotesDifferent Quotes (rates) used for trading in Forex markets.
Forex GlossaryGlossary of commonly used terms in Forex Market.
INCOTERMSInternational Commercial Terms and their meaning.
Forex Facilities for ResidentsDetails of various Forex facilities available to residents in India.
LRS of $250,000 Details of Liberalized Remittance Scheme of USD 250,000/- available to Resident Indians for various purposes.

Other Taxes

Professional Tax
InformationProfessional Tax, maximum amount of deduction, deduction for Income Tax etc.
RatesProfession Tax Rates and forms in Excel for various States
FormsProfession Tax Rates and forms in Excel for various States
Service Tax (Subsumed in GST)
InformationService Tax, Rate, Registration, Return filing etc.
CalculatorCalculate Service Tax, E. Cess, & HE Cess and total amount payable.
FormsService Tax forms in Excel / in PDF (Fillable like Excel)
Account CodesAccounting Codes for payment of service tax
Negative ListService Tax Negative List 2013-14 - List of Services exempt from Service Tax
Exempt ListNotification No. 25/2012 - Service Tax dated 20 June 2012 (updated04/03/2013)
Abatements ListNotification No. 26/2012 - Service Tax dated 20 June 2012 (updated04/03/2013)
RulesService Tax Rules 1994, Place of Provision of Services Rules 2012, Point of Taxation Rules, 2011, Service Tax (Settlement of Cases) Rules 2012, Service Tax (Compounding of Offences) Rules 2012, Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Rules, 2013
Value Added Tax (VAT) (Subsumed in GST)
InformationValue Added Tax (VAT)
CalculatorCalculate Input Tax Credit, VAT on Output and Net amount of VAT payable
FormsVAT forms for various States in Excel / in PDF (Fillable like Excel)
Central Sales Tax (Subsumed in GST)
InformationCentral Sales Tax (CST) and CST Rate
FormsCST forms in Excel / in PDF (Fillable like Excel)
Custom Duty
InformationCustom Duty, Objectives and Types of Custom Duty
FormsCustom forms in PDF (Fillable like Excel)
Central Excise (Subsumed in GST)
InformationExcise Duty, State Excise and Central Excise
FormsCentral Excise forms in Excel / in PDF (Fillable like Excel)

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