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AMP Show Hide Button

We give below codes for creating Show Hide Toggle Buttons for AMP ( Acclerated Mobile Page ) to Show and Hide Menu and to Show and Hide multiple content items on same AMP Page. The code uses only 'AMP Bind script and CSS' only. No images are used for creating the switches. The code may be freely used / amended by anybody for creating nice looking switches on valid AMP pages.

AMP Show Hide Toggle Switch for Menu

You can view live demo of this "Toggle Switch" on AMP verion of Home page of this site. The CSS and other code for the 'Toggle Switch for Menu' is as given below:

AMP Show Hide Button for Page Content

This code enable you to create as many 'Show Hide Buttons' on AMP pages as you like with minimal code. The CSS and other code for the 'Show Hide Button for Page Content' is as given below:

Hope the above codes will be found useful by site developers.

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Updated : Jan 24, 2019